Ashley SuperValu Meat products including ham and sausages

Homemade Meat Products!

Ashley Supervalu products have graced the tables of many customers since the store started doing business in 1966. With experience comes quality, and our recipes have been battle-tested.

Special orders on our delicious, homemade meat products are always welcome and with one simple order you can be enjoying a German-style meal faster than you can say danke.

Sausage & Kuchen Special Orders

Ring Bologna - Traditional $7.49 lb
Ring Bologna - Traditional Spicy $7.99 lb
Ring Bologna - All Beef $7.99 lb
Country Style Fry Sausage - Traditional $6.49 lb
Country Style Fry Sausage - Sauerkraut $6.99 lb
Country Style Fry Sausage - Low Salt $6.49 lb
Country Style Fry Sausage - Jalapeno Cheddar $6.99 lb
Country Style Fry Sausage - Jalepeno Cheddar Plus $6.99 lb
Country Style Fry Sausage - Cheddar $6.99 lb
Country Style Fry Sausage - Unsmoked $6.49 lb
Fry Sausage - All Beef $7.99 lb
Seasoned Pork $5.49 lb
All Beef Summer Sausage $8.99 lb
Pork & Beef Summer Sausage $8.49 lb
Head Cheese $8.99 lb
Liver Sausage - Whole Ring $8.99 lb
Beef Liver Sausage - Whole Ring $9.49 lb
Beef Sticks - Traditional, Pizza, Jalepeno or Teriyaki $14.99 lb
Brats - Smoked or Unsmoked Original $6.99 lb
Brats - Onion (green or red), Jalepeno, Sauerkraut,
Pizza, Cheddar, Jalepeno Cheddar, Salsa,
Wild Rice, Buffalo Wing with Bleu Cheese,
Chicken Cordon Bleu, Chicken Wild Rice
$6.99 lb
Beef jerky - Chunk or Sliced - Original, Peppered
Jalepeno, Teriyaki
$18.99 lb/ $19.49 lb sliced
Hamburgers - (All 1/3# burgers are made with 85%
lean ground beef)
Jalepeno Cheddar, Mushroom &
Swiss, Bacon
$6.99 lb
Kuchen  (shipped fresh or frozen) $7.00 ea
       Prune, Peach, Apricot, Sugar, Cheese, Cherry,
Raspberry, Apple, Apple Swirl, Custard,
Blueberry, Rhubarb, Chocolate Chip, Pumpkin,
Raisin, Strawberry

Updated May 2022 - Prices may vary, please confirm final price when ordering. All packages are vacuum sealed for freshness. UPS Charges are extra on all orders, Packaging charge is $15/package.

Homemade meat products!

Two Easy Ways to Place a Special Meat Order:

Call our Meat Department at (701) 288-3419

Fax this ORDER FORM to our Meat Department at (701) 288-3410